Sunday, July 22, 2012

One more thing off my list

There are some things I could have never imagined myself doing as my former fat self.  I always wanted to do them, but I could never have brought myself to do them.  I was afraid that I would embarass myself somehow. And, of course, the ever present fear that I may break whatever equipment might be used.

But I have been trying different things more and more on the list I have always kept in my head of things that I always wanted to try.  I guess you could compare it to a bucket list.  Things I have always wanted to do before I die??  But these are really just things I always wanted to do if I ever got  skinny.  :)  So it's my Skinny List.

The lastest thing I got to try ... Ziplining.  It was fantastic. I was able to feel like I was flying through the trees.  And the best part - I was able to participate with my kids - something that before  I would have had to watch from afar - now I got to do it with them - a memory we will both have for forever.

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