Monday, June 25, 2012


So in the last year I have finally had to deal with the nasty truth of malabsorption.  What does that mean?  Well, as a result of gastric bypass surgery I don't absorb everything I should.  Why?  Because a good portion of my intestines were re-routed. A major reason this surgery is not to be taken lightly.  It is permanent and has long lasting, life-altering implications.

My migraines started coming back and they would not let go.  I started seeing a neurologist to get them under control.  I didn't like him much.  He wouldn't listen to me. Because I now only have one kidney and because I have a small tummy I am very cautious about taking nsaids.  Cautious to the point of just plain not taking them.  In fact, I list them as an allergy.  The neurologist that I was seeing found that quite annoying in his treatment of my pain.  He really really wanted to treat me with nsaids.  When I was adamant that I would not take them he pretty much washed his hands of me and said he was out of options as far as pain management was concerned.  I found that hard to believe, so I found another doctor.

The doctor I did find was fantastic. He got rid of my headache and got me on a preventative course of treatment that has been working very well for me.  But something that we found while trying to get to the right dose of preventative medication is that it was taking a lot more of the preventative medication then he thought it would to get me to "maintenance". It was a little scary as one of the preventative medications I take is actually an anti-seizure medication with some pretty hefty side effects. I take a heavier dose than most people with epilepsy at this point due to my malabsorption. And we also had to add other medications to the mix as well.

We have also found that pain medications that I take by mouth I usually have to take more of in order for them to be effective.  The anxiety/anti-depressant medication that I take had to be doubled this past year as well.

So while I am excited to be down to under my goal weight - everything seems to come with a price tag.  You have to weigh the pro's and con's for yourself.  For me - the pro's of a much healthier lifestyle currently outweigh the con's of malabsorption.  But it has opened my eyes to what I need to keep my eye on in order to stay healthy the rest of my life.

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  1. Great info. Good to hear your on the mend, Pam.


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