Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What a difference a year can make

So today is my birthday.  Yes, Yes.  I am celebrating the 9th anniversary of my 29th birthday.  :) 

Someone asked me today if I had any big plans for the day.  All I could think was ... it's so nice not to have big plans for today.

Last year at this time I had just found out that doctors had found a rather large tumor on my right kidney.  And better yet - quite by accident.  They had not even been looking in that area - it just happened to show up on an abdominal CT scan that was done looking for something else.  My birthday was spent making appointments.  Appointments with the urologist, appointment at the hospital for pre-op testing, bone scans, upper endoscopy to make sure we weren't missing anything else. My birthday was spent educating myself on kidney cancer and the effects on the body of having only one kidney instead of two.

My beautiful RAMP girls took me out to dinner and I'm afraid that I wasn't the best company that night as I felt like I was kinda just floating along and not really participating.

So do I have much planned today?  Nope.  Isn't it great?  :)

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  1. I met you online sometime around now last year, and I was just incredulous at the amount of crap being thrown at you. I was, and still am, so impressed by your resilience, positive attitude, and Faith.
    I enjoy having you on my team...your enthusiasm, preparedness, and hard work are a real inspiration to me....and I'm sure to everyone who knows you. Looking forward to the time when your schedule has settled and you are able to pick up where you left off with Lia.
    Best wishes on your birthday, and a toast to a healthy and uneventful next year.
    Anne S


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