Sunday, September 20, 2009

10th Level of Hell

OK - so I thought I was miserable when I posted this just 2 days ago. After the past 24 hours - I have discovered I had no idea what miserable was.

It started with one of my twin girls saying that her stomach hurt. A little while later she started throwing up. About 3 hours later her twin joined her. About 3 hours after that my son joined in. About 3 hours after that my husband and I also joined the bathroom brigade. At one point I actually had Megan throwing up on Caleb as he was throwing up in a bucket while Marissa was in the shower (I was cleaning her up from throwing up on herself) and she began having an 'accident' in the shower. Oh yes this lovely bug moved from shoving things out one end to shoving them out the other - all uncontrollably and projectile in fashion. So I threw all 3 kids in the shower at once and I ran to the other bathroom because I was having my own "issues". While in there taking care of myself my husband was banging on the door "LET ME IN!" That is how my day went yesterday. All of this on top of already thinking I was miserable. Throwing up really enhances vertigo by about ten times.

And having had gastric bypass urgery - stomach bugs are a whole different experience. I throw up a lot these days if I irritate or annoy Kanga. If you fill her too full - she just sends it right back at ya. Bing bang boom - you're done. Pretty fast and painless. Writhing and systematic wretching - not good - not good at all. Food passes out of Kanga pretty quickly - so there isn't any contents just sitting around waiting for a party. You need to be concerned about keeping that to a minimum as it can induce an internal hernia up by the diaphram.

So today we all seem to have broken our fevers - still quite weak and shaky. We are just trying to slowly re-enter the land of the living.

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